Commercial Insight 1.0

Know More

Commercial insight is really about helping clients dig deeper into the data to determine the cause behind the past and the actions required to drive future results. It is about getting past the myths and misconceptions about the business to enable smarter choices. Base your decisions on facts and not a gut call.

With data available by store by week by sku we get to a level of granularity previously unavailable to customer and marketing teams to help determine what’s working and what’s not. We have the ability to integrate multiple data sources to help determine the return on a customer program, third party retail coverage or a marketing event.


Real Time Integration


Leveraging POS data to determine key drivers and trends with an eye towards how to optimize against your objectives.



Detailed analysis of innovation as it is unfolding in the marketplace.



Build a learning lab using POS data for proof of concept on next generation strategy in real time today.