Activity Planning and Measurement

Customer Activity Monitoring

You need to keep a close eye on all the moving parts in your ad activities but, with so many factors and details it can seem impossible. Our Customer Activity Monitor (CAM)™ is designed to act as the central nervous system for your entire team and all of your activity planning and tracking.

Customer activity monitor

The CAM™ can be used in conjunction with multiple resources and team members, allowing for a visually stunning, highly comprehensive, one-screen display of what’s happening in the retail environment. Account managers use the CAM™ to plan what products to feature and when. Marketing teams, their supporting activities for radio and TV. Demand planning teams, their production and vendor managed inventory. Sales directors and executives routinely use the CAM™ to avoid costly conflict and overlap.

We expertly track and analyze customers, deals, locations, movements and trade spending. Using that same innovative technology and technique we monitor displays, pallets and merchandising. So you always know where your customer is looking, what they’re buying and what they want – often before they know themselves, giving you, and your bottom line, an unparalleled edge.

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