Get ready to see your data
whole new way

SpringBoard Data Management provides quality business intelligence solutions that drive corporate capability through marketing, sales, financial and advanced insights.

In other words: Nothing revs our engines like data.

Big data. Small data. Even the data you’ve never really thought about.

We boil it down, connect and transform your data into actionable information and reporting you can actually use.

We offer a wide spectrum of powerful solutions: from ever-evolving templates that address key business questions to fully customized, client-designed applications for detailed analysis. All available, 24/7, at your fingertips and delivered straight to your inbox.

We are your cloud

making our methods the most nimble and keeping your data best protected. SpringBoard manages and
hosts everything ourselves, so you get our robust, top-of-the-line systems plus technology, security
and efficiency that’s second to none.

Our one-of-a-kind service model is laser-focused on your business’ unique goals.

There’s big opportunity in
your big data and we’ll find it.

We’ve got you covered in: