Data Processing Solutions

Data Processing Solutions

“Making your data make sense…and beautifully usable for your team.”

Our agile development environment enabled by Tableau™ eliminates the need for weeks of scoping, developing and programming. We’ll bring your vision to life, transforming your data into stunning, actionable information your team can see, analyze and use.

Retailer POS systems: POS+™.

SpringBoard’s Point Of Sale analytic technology, POS+™, integrates all your retail data sources into one easy-to-use solution. We bring together, scrub, and format your data, apply categorizations and provide templates that are a pleasure to use and fully customizable.

Have your own internal system already? Just need a team to do the grunt work of data management? No problem! We’ll provide you the consolidated and cleaned data in the format you require: Flat files, Excel, Power Pivot, SQL and Access databases. Do you use Answers Desktop? We’ll provide you a compatible POS+™ database. All of our visualization systems and platforms are expertly executed and designed to make your data look gorgeous, be user-friendly and provide the insights you need.



Deductions document handling (DDH)™


Our exclusive DDH™ system automates, centralizes, organizes and arranges your data from all sources: web portals, emails, PDFs, invoices, promotional grids and any other media you have can be integrated seamlessly into our system. From comparing prices, SKUS and POS information to verifying quantities and reporting exceptions, we’ll accelerate your payment process while taking the headaches and disorder out of your deductions management. Our one-of-a-kind 5-star analysis boils down the intricacies of your data into visually appealing, easy to use reports that’ll have you clearing invoices in minutes instead of days.

Looking to consolidate and securely store all your important documents? Leave it to us. Our cloud-based library makes your information accessible anywhere, anytime…and your deductions audit-proof.

Market Analytics.

  • Download it
  • Check it
  • Clean it
  • Categorize it
  • Cluster it
  • Add plano detail
  • Maintain multi-product hierarchy
  • Create custom facts
  • Manage retail rep territories
  • Create interactive scorecards

All in the same day!