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A squad of data virtuosos as part of your team

At SpringBoard’s core is an eclectic group of top-notch professionals who eat, breathe and l-o-v-e data. Our team’s depth and unparalleled commitment to customer service bring extraordinary dimension to our client partnerships. And exceptional insights, action-planning and strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

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Sam Bruce


Sam founded SpringBoard Data Management in 2006 with the mission to unlock the power of clients’ data with easy-to-use tools and business intelligence solutions.  He has grown the company to become a leading third-party reporting provider in Canada with many industry leading and recognizable brand name clients.

Ross McLeod

General Manager & Managing Partner Commercial Insight Group

Ross has pursued a career helping organizations better understand their data and how to apply it to best shape business strategy.

After 20 years of consulting to leading CPG organizations, Ross joined SpringBoard Data Management to lead commercial insight and most recently has been appointed General Manager for SpringBoard. Ross is dedicated to helping clients create a path to superior commercial results through the application of data to inform better business strategy and execution choices.

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Micheal Ostoforoff team photo

Micheal Ostoforoff

Chief Merchandising Officer

Micheal is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Board Member with more than 30 years of success across the consumer goods and IT industries, leveraging extensive experience in merchandising and category management to assist organizations seeking to optimize brand and category performance.

Mariana Vieweghova

Connor McLeod

Client Development Manager

Kiyan Nathoo

Client Development Manager

Suvojit Basu

Client Development Manager

Janusz Cwalinski

Database/ Business Intelligence Consultant

Rob De Lauro

Product Development Manager

Samuel Raveau

Client Development Manager

Michael Scalia

Client Development Manager

Tissy Thomas

Client Development Specialist

Henry Tsao

Product Manager

Jacob Turner

Client Development Manager

Mohammad Uddin

Software Developer

Richard Wallace

Software Developer

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