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Streamline Your Workflow

PDFs to Spreadsheets in Seconds.

Transform PDFs into usable data tables effortlessly to create meaningful time savings.

The Power of CrossDox

Drag. Drop. Done.

Revolutionize your PDF data processing and experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy with CrossDox.

Save Time

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually manipulating PDF data. This powerful software handles the entire process for you, transforming hours of work into mere seconds.

Accuracy at its Best

No more manual data entry or the risk of human error. CrossDox converts your PDF data with precision, eliminating the need for tiresome manual processing.

Multiple Docs At A Time

CrossDox empowers you to upload multiple files and process them simultaneously. Our software seamlessly consolidates the data into a single, easily manageable document.

Seamless API Integration

By integrating with your existing systems, you can programmatically and automatically convert documents, feeding directly into larger ERP and TPO/M systems.

Why Choose CrossDox?

Work Done in a Matter of Seconds.

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Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Trial

Experience the time-saving benefits of CrossDox with our free 30-day trial. Convert all your PDFs in a matter of seconds, streamlining your work and preserving your sanity. Start your free trial today and witness the power of efficient data conversion.

Step 2: Upload your PDFs

CrossDox seamlessly converts various types of PDFs into functional spreadsheets. Don’t see a PDF type you frequently work with? Submit your PDF, and our dedicated team will test it with CrossDox and provide you with the results. We’re committed to meeting your specific needs.

Step 3: Download your Spreadsheets

In a matter of seconds, your PDF transforms into a downloadable .csv file. CrossDox’s lightning-fast processing ensures you can swiftly access your converted data, freeing you from the burdensome task of manual typing. Reclaim your time and focus on more important tasks.