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Informed Decision Making

Not Understanding the Story Behind the Numbers?

By unlocking actionable insights and providing commercial insight into the “why” behind the data, SpringBoard empowers your business to make informed decisions that drive success.

POS Reporting

Point-Of-Sale Data Reporting Platform: POS+™

POS+™ seamlessly integrates diverse retail data sources into a unified solution, empowering you with comprehensive insights.

Advanced Data Integration

POS+ seamlessly integrates diverse retail data sources into a comprehensive solution, providing a consolidated view of your business insights.

Uncover Retail Insights

Our platform handles complex data loading, custom-categorization, and consolidation, saving time and effort for your teams.

Optimize Promotions and Pricing

Analyze and improve promotions and pricing for maximum impact on your bottom line.

Efficient Key Account Manager Meetings

Arm your team with actionable data for fruitful discussions, enhancing meeting efficiency.

Syndicated Data

Share Market Insights Across your Organization

Leverage syndicated data views for each of your stakeholder groups to unlock the power of market data and deliver you a comprehensive view of the market landscape.

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 Our reporting on syndicated data sources helps you easily get to what matters most by providing comprehensive, organized, and visually appealing views of categories and markets.