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Data Processing

Data Management Made Easy

Data Processing Doesn't have to be Overwhelming.

As your business expands, manual data management can become a cumbersome and time-intensive task. Our innovative aggregation technologies allow us to deliver your organization data for your own in house reporting requirements to eliminate the need for protracted scoping, development, and programming processes to gather data.

Our Solution

Retailer POS Systems: POS+™

Our solution integrates and simplifies all your retail point of sales data into one robust framework, so you can spend time analyzing instead of compiling.

Seamless Integration

POS+™ integrates all retail data sources into one user-friendly solution, eliminating data silos and providing a unified view of your business.

Data Scrubbing and Formatting

We handle the grunt work of data management by bringing together, scrubbing, and formatting your data. We apply categorizations and provide customizable templates, ensuring clean and usable data.

Customizable Data Outputs

Whether you have your own internal system or need support with data management, POS+™ has you covered. We consolidate and clean the data and provide it in various formats like flat files, Excel, Power Pivot, SQL, Access databases, or compatible POS+™ databases.

Stunning Visualizations and Insights

Our expertly executed visualization systems and platforms transform your data into visually appealing, actionable insights you need to make informed decisions.

Why Choose POS+™?

Easy-to-use Solution.

Experience the ease of data integration, clean data management, customizable outputs, and captivating visualizations with POS+™,

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Shift into the do-it-now era with the easiest, fastest, and most agile BI solution in the market.